Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fasciated Awesomeness

After the antflock dissipated we headed back to the trailhead, but not before a couple more birds appeared trailside.  This male Fasciated Antshrike was about 3 feet off the trail, only the 2nd I'd ever seen and definitely my most prolonged view.

 I'm not sure what flavor of insect they target with that bill, but I'm going to guess cicada sized creatures or bigger.
The next bird's bill is probably about as opposite as you can get, Long-billed Gnatwren.  It's also the best pic I'd managed of one up to that point...
 OK, so all you can see is the tail.  What can I say.  They move fast.
Fortunately Plain Xenops moves a little slower.  This bird was also right on the edge of the trail

Finally a couple more looks at one of the Golden-collared Manakins that was still displaying at the Pipeline Rd entrance as we left.

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