Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tody Motmot

After a few days in the canal zone we drove west a couple hours, gaining some elevation and a bit of a respite from the humidity of the lowlands.  Jose had an in with one of the groundskeepers of a gated home for a fairly difficult bird.  It took maybe half an hour before the groundskeeper found the bird perched a few feet off the ground in a dark shaded section second growth forest.

A renegade sun ray briefly illuminated the bird's face.

The face pattern (complete with blue (!) eyebrows) made it a personable little bird.

 Tody Motmots lack the long tail of their much larger brethren.

After several minutes the bird flew off and Jose and friend led us to another pretty sweet staked-out bird...


Cathy Carroll said...

Really nice photos of a great little bird!

Cathy Carroll said...

Your Tody Motmot photos turned out really well! I can't wait to see the next staked-out bird photos.