Thursday, March 17, 2016

my first real Emerald

We stayed at the Hotel Campestre in the Anton Valley and before breakfast on our first morning (and through breakfast that I skipped on the 2nd morning) I birded behind the motel in some brushy open stuff that was re-growing. 

There were a few birds, a small flock of Lesser Goldfinches, my first Barred Antshrike of the trip, White-vented Antbirds skulking unseen in the darkest thickets bemused by my hopes to photograph one, as well as a Garden Emerald.  I've seen 2 Emeralds before, Coppery-headed in Costa Rica and one in Belize that has a white belly, but never a solidly incredibly entirely greener-than-green hummer.  Until now.

This is a young Streaked Saltator, I think my lifer.

There were a few birds singing.  I tried to turn a Plain Wren into the similarly sounding Buff-breasted.  A Black-striped Sparrow teed up very nicely

I don't remember which female Euphonia this is.

The male is a Yellow-crowned though.

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