Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fish crows and more

I took advantage of an early rise to listen for Fish Crows behind St Joe High this morning.  They didn't disappoint.  I doubt I waited more than 5 minutes before I started hearing them.  There were a couple birds to the right and several more to the left.  I watched 3 of the birds call back and forth, about 4 others were silent.  Apologies for the lack of Image Stabilization or auto-focus, both make noise and decrease the ability to record the sounds.

There's a better recording (from an even worse video) embedded in the eBird checklist.

Some other random shots that haven't quite been enough to break into the Panama series of blogs, first a Western (rufous morph) Redtail on a foggy morning next to the landfill a couple weeks ago.

I had a little bit of luck with brown geese this spring seeing Cacklers a couple times and White-fronted once.  The pics haven't been great though.

Along the waterfowl theme, a bird I don't try to photograph often enough, Wood Duck.

Finally, the best pics I've taken in Berrien this spring, a Red Fox at Tiscornia this morning.
 It was trotting along (and flushed a mallard), and then startled when it heard my shutter starting to hammer.
 He looked back at me and bolted off.
I've seen a coyote at Tiscornia once, but this was my first Red Fox there.

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