Wednesday, February 11, 2015

the annual Quetzal tease

We saw 3 quetzals, 2 females and a male in a little glen in the highlands.  They didn't like to sit in the sun, that's for sure, and clearly didn't like exposing the flaming red belly to the assembled birders.

This shot is the closest I've come to a male pic in the sun.  There was a tiny window in the foliage to get this peek.

They perched up in pretty good view at least.

 Eventually the male took up a position high in a tree where you could see the belly.

As we were leaving I was hearing this female but thought she sounded much farther up the slope.
I ended up walking right underneath her and didn't see her until I turned back around.  She has a tiny spot of red to the right breast, not sure if this is age-related or not.

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