Sunday, February 15, 2015

Real and fake flycatchers

I think my 3rd lifer on the trip was this black-and-yellow silky.  In some books the silkies are referred to as silky-flycatchers.

 The male is above, the female below.  After never seeing one in two prior trips, I think we saw 3 or 4 over the course of this trip.
The thing is, they catch fruit, not flies. 

The other silky-(flycatcher) is the Long-tailed.

The female is perched on the branch above the male in the next pic.
One of the Panama guidebooks speculates that these are actually most closely related to waxwings.

Of course true flycatchers don't always flycatch.  Mountain Elaenias also like fuchsia fruit.

Next is a Yellowish Flycatcher, one of 3 empids we don't have that can be seen in CR.  It certainly has the appearance of a bird in the Cordilleran/Pacific-slope (formerly Western) group given the warm colors and strong teardrop white eyering.

Dark Pewee is nearly a Costa Rican endemic, just barely getting into Nicaragua and Panama.

Torrent Tyrannulet is a unique little bird found along the rapids.

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