Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's that time of year when most of the year list is rounded out with just a few nemesis birds left.  Like Connecticut.  And just in time for a birder to really start gripping comes the female Mourning Warbler.  She may stay deep in the underbrush and give just enough to hope for the real thing ... they aren't though.  In some ways it's far easier to ID the pic of the bird frozen than the rapidly moving, mostly hidden blur that we're presented with in real life.
The eyering is actually a couple eye arcs and the underparts are also way to yellow for a Connecticut.

Another mark between Connecticut and Mourning is that the undertail coverts extend very far out on Connecticut and are more average in Mourning.

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher is probably the last passerine migrant to peak, and probably second only to Whimbrel as the latest migrant. Yellow-bellied's were actually pretty apparent at Floral earlier this week, we had them singing both the classic Peterson uprising chu-wee, as well as the very Least-like kibbick.

Here's Yellow-bellied's in a couple different lights.

I'm going to try one more crack at Connecticut tomorrow, but if I miss it then (and miss it I will), I'm probably going without one this year

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Caleb Putnam said...

Matt- nice summary of female Oporornis ID!

It is funny to note how in Berrien it is not normal to go without CONW as a spring or fall migrant. I still have found 1 migrant in my entire life. You guys are spoiled badly down there!