Sunday, January 31, 2021

White eared jacamar ... and Owl???

 Our last afternoon of Ecuador birding saw us upstream of the claylicks birding around a Sani village (can you say Roasted Palm Grubs for lunch?  Ok, plural is an exaggeration.  But I did eat one.  It tasted like a really rubbery shrimp).  Anyway, we walked a trail among widely dispersed houses and came upon a White-eared Jacamar.

I don't know of any other burgandy jacamars, it looks like an Asian bird!

Our real goal on this hike was a roost spot for Crested Owl, an owl that's fairly widely distributed in the tropics, but a species I'd only seen once before.

Finally a view of one of the white-throated toucan species which came a lot closer than any had previously just to continue the white-eared theme of the walk...

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