Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Desert in the rainforest

 With the heat of the late afternoon scorching we spent a bit of time on a river island in the wide Sani River.  There was a lot of sand and little shade.  It felt like a desert.

But we had a few target birds, and one of them is in this pic

With some maneuvering I got a clearer view of a Ladder-tailed Nightjar roosting on the fallen log.  Sadly the tail wasn't visible.

An Oriole Blackbird teed up.  We were wilted enough that I had trouble getting people on this bird.

Our guide got pretty excited about a Willow Flycatcher fitz-bew-ing; I think most of us were as excited to see the boat, as a Pale-vented Pigeon bid us good night.

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