Monday, January 4, 2021

Blackwater paddle

 A lot of times on birding trips the evenings can be somewhat of a struggle.  A person is hot, tired, likely borderline dehydrated, and quite possibly a bit overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of the day.  That being said, the Sani Lodge evenings were some of the most enjoyable evenings of any of the birding trips I've been on.  

Because all we did was paddle!  And by we, I mean our guides.  The rest of us just sat in dugout style canoes and watched exotic birds appear along the edges of the blackwater lagoons. 

Who wouldn't enjoy some (not so aptly named) Red-bellied Macaws screeching about their day?

Waterbirds were of course plentiful.  These are Capped Herons. 

The book says they're in the same family (though a different genus) from our Green Heron, but I don't really appreciate much structural resemblance.

There was a Rufescent Tiger-heron nesting right next to the boat dock, this is probably one of the adults from the dock pair

Amazon Kingfisher.  Who wouldn't want pics of a green bird with a green background (more of those coming soon!)

This is White-chinned Jacamar, now a green bird against a white background!

Finally a Red-capped Cardinal
And since there really isn't an actual difference between cardinals and tanagers we won't worry that its name might be a lot better off as Red-capped Tanager

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