Friday, July 17, 2015

Atlantic sunset

I missed any shot at the St Joe frigatebird since my work schedule was pretty dense around already allocated time off when it was present.  As long as I've gone this long without a relevant modern post I may as well finish up pics from earlier this spring given the last few posts were from North Carolina.    I've wanted to try for the sunset silhouette pics for a while, a Willet was the most successful.

Some Dunlins flew by in the same sunset a little earlier

These next Tri-coloreds are actually sunrise.  I didn't understand the Kelvin white balance setting at the time and was limited to the 8 or so pre-sets the camera has.  I tried different ones which leads to different color tones.

Now I understand that you can use the Kelvin white balance setting to customize it to whatever you want; that's something I'm using increasingly when I can predict what lighting the bird will be in.  (Of course if a person shoots in RAW mode instead of .jpg then you can use lightbox/photoshop programs to make the white balance whatever you want afterward; I'd rather keep the post-processing easier and file sizes down with .jpg's).

Finally a flock of Snowy Egrets.

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