Sunday, April 28, 2019

April snowstorms bring ...

lots of migrants? 
Probably not so much.
I was working through the snow the last 2 days so sadly no pics of spring birds and flowers in the snow.
The April migrants are about to give way to the full flood of May (except for sapsucker.  I can't find one of those for anything this year) so I figured time to put up the highlight pics from the last couple weeks.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet might be my favorite early spring migrant.  Who can't enjoy it's riotous eee-eee-eee-burble-eee-burble-eee-burble-eee... song bursting forth from a tiny little birdlet.

I was soooooo close to getting the full ruby-crown...

While White-throated Sparrow is probably the other major vanguard species of late April, it's always worth trying to improve Yellow-rumped Warbler pics.
Definitely not as good as last year's Yellow-rumped Warbler.

And we're not the only one to notice all the White-throated Sparrows.  I bet they make a major portion of Sharp-shinned Hawks' diet in migration.

Not much a sharpie could do about a turkey though.

Finally a view of a Sandhill pair.

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