Sunday, March 31, 2019

Andean Potoo

Alex indicated he'd heard that a Potoo had been seen at Guango a few days before.  He hadn't actually seen one in several years.  We walked the trail and he suddenly stopped having spotted the bird.
It was a lot paler than the birds I've seen in Central America ... which turned out to be for good reason, it's a different species!  Which I didn't realize until after the fact.  Ah well. 

We didn't see a ton of birds on this section of trail, we spent a decent amount of time looking unsuccessfully for Torrent Ducks.  Turquoise Jays were fairly prominent.  They started out as flashes in the upper canopy, but worked their way lower.

Finally a view of an orchid or bromeliad in the canopy just before a nice mixed flock started filtering past ... (stay tuned)

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