Saturday, March 9, 2019

Three seedStrikes

We spent lunch of the first day again at the Tambor Condor restaurant, just down the road from the cliffs where the condors nest.  Last year we were too late to see the birds lift off, but did see one fly in during lunch.  This year was the opposite; we'd seen them fly off in the morning ... and we saw them fly off at lunch too!
 Note the trail bird is an immature, with buffy brown where the adults are white.

 Again there were hummingbirds around.  Last year I got my best pics of Shining Sunbeam at Yanacocha (not on this year's itinerary).  This year this was the only one I saw.

Sparkling Violet-ear was again a show-stopper.

The Giant Hummingbird was on the same feeder as last year.

I was hoping a Sword-billed might visit the Datura, but no such luck.

I found a cluster of Eared Doves (definitely very different from a Mourning Dove) behind the lodge.

Last year we made 2 tries for Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe in the highest of high elevations (about 14,000 feet), and missed the bird each time.  We tried again in the afternoon.  When it wasn't raining horizontally (and at most 40 degrees) it was pea-soup fog.  We didn't see a seedsnipe, but maybe 4 times would be the charm...

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