Saturday, March 16, 2019


Plural no less!

Four times turned out to be the charm for the seedsnipes, along with arriving fairly early in the morning.  Our driver spotted two as we drove back up the mountain above the treeline into the clouds.  It was very windy and at 14,000+ feet the clouds blowing through at eye level made a combo of thick fog and horizontal sprinkles.  But the birds were there, and fairly tame as they walked ptarmigan-like about the tundra.

 These pics are actually better looks than we got; the fog was REALLY thick and I had to push them a lot with photoshop to get any color.

You can see the amount of water condensed on the little blue flowers behind the bird in this next pic.

After putting a lot of effort into these birds last year, this was one of my most wanted birds for the trip; it was very much of an experience getting to see them.

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