Tuesday, April 7, 2015

shorebird reflection shots

Bunche Beach in Fort Myers was a really great place to take pics in the early morning light (what will be a recurring theme over the next 2 weeks).  This is a collection of shorebirds-and-their-reflection.  Most are just starting to get some breeding plumage coming it but are still mostly in their winter drab.

 I'm always surprised by the prehensile billtips of dowitchers (a short-billed in this case)

Dunlins were one of the most common birds and one that I didn't take a ton of pics of

Western Sandpiper on the other hand ...
 I couldn't get over how many Westerns there were along the gulf.  I'm not sure if they were wintering or just stopping over in a leg of their migration. 

I'm going to do an entire post probably on the peeps, I'll stick with these Leasts for now.

I've read that a simple evaluation of whether there's decent light for photography is that your shadow should be longer than you are.  I'm not sure what it says that the Least Sandpipers' shadows were nearly longer than I am

Wilson's Plover wasn't super common but was present most of the mornings.  I kept blowing them off as Semi-palmated's when I'd look with the naked eye since they fell into the brain's search image of "small, brown, one band, bright legs" and nearly filtered them entirely more than once.

no problems with Ruddy Turnstone, nothing else has their bill and legs.

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