Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall warblers are hard ...

... mostly to get a decent view of.

How sweet would this BT green have looked in spring if the redbud was in blossom and not foliated with leaves 3 times as big as the bird?

I've not had time to get out very much at all lately, birding has mostly been confined to the yard when I notice activity as I drive up the driveway.
Blackpoll warblers are always more common in fall than spring for some reason.

This is a pretty bright Magnolia for the fall

Tennessee warblers also look pretty different from the way they do in the spring.

Wilson's also seems more common in the fall, though I think this is more because they're a pretty late spring migrant but come south more with the bulk of the birds rather than taking a different migration route entirely like I think Blackpoll does on average.

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Cory J. Gregory said...

That's interesting about the Blackpoll's. Here in Iowa, the trend is the opposite; we get far fewer in the fall than spring.