Friday, September 17, 2010

We take a break

from the Great Sandwich Tern Panic of 2010. Which is not to say I didn't spend 4 hours at Tiscornia this morning, but that was on general principle.

Went to visit the in-laws in the evening and found a nice group of warblers foraging for once in fairly open bushes in nice light. I think these are the best photos I've obtained of all of these species.

I needed to stop down on this Cape May, it's a tad over-exposed.
though not so bad once it moved into the shadows.

The first year Cape Mays are quite gray, but their short tails and the suggestion of fine breast and flank streaking give them away.

This Palm Warbler peered down at me, possibly wondering where the screech owl was.

I keep thinking Nashville when I see the fall Magnolias. It'd be nice to get a good shot at a first fall Chestnut-sided since they have bright eyerings too. Hazel was excited to see A Warbler, 2 magnolias flitting about were close enough for her to see easily before running back to the bonfire.

Finally a serendipitous, if mildly fuzzy, flight shot.

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