Thursday, August 6, 2015

Custer Mountain Goats

I've only seen Mountain Goats once prior to our last trip out west (on a family trip to Glacier National Park when I was a kid) so I was pretty surprised to see a Mountain Goat bolt across the road in the Needles section of Custer.  It turned out that a baby was right behind it.  They nibbled grass along the road before someone tried to take full-frame pics with their iPhone from a few feet away.  The two scrambled away and settled down well away from the road to wait out the heat of the day. 

 A couple days later we did another hike in that area and came across a couple more momma goats, this time each with 2 kids.

The youngsters demonstrated the famous agility

Apparently the corollary to Pronghorn antelopes actually being closer related to goats, Mountain Goats are technically antelopes though I don't think I read any of the signs in the visitor centers to remember the horn/hoof differences that makes this so.

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