Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Leaving Rancho...

After spending some time at the hummingbird feeders waiting for it to get brighter the group ventured into the woodland trails.  We had somewhat mixed results.  Vernon got onto a small group of birds at one corner of the trail with a Plain Xenops and Russet Antshrike that Rhoda and I had found on our own during the lunchbreak the day before.  In the dense forest the group was spread out along the narrow trails and had difficulty getting on the birds.  Vernon moved on to a more open area where we had our best looks at Squirrel Cuckoo and Mr. Froot Loops

We birded an orchard which was a lot more open.  There were no trouble with seeing a teed-up Golden-olive Woodpecker.

We heard a Thicket Antpitta which had no intention of showing itself though a White-crowned Parrot popped into view with a Dusky Antbird pair and a Slaty-capped Flycatcher providing considerably briefer views.

The day got warmer and my lifer White-vented Euphonias joined some warbler groups though didn't offer up much for pics aside from the collared-dove view at their namesake anatomy which I'm sparing you.  We had a pair of Green Honeycreepers and a Yellow-olive Flycatcher as a group then I think another Yellow-olive that a couple of us had from the balcony once we got back.
It looks dark-eyed backed off in the frame but if you zoom in, the light eye is easy to see.

We had a little bit of time before lunch and Rhoda and I headed back up into the forest, taking a higher trail than the group had earlier.  Aside from numerous Chestnut-sided Warblers it was pretty quiet until we got into a group of larger birds, Brown Jays, Oropendolas, Masked Tityras (making their loud insect like buzzes) and a couple Aracari toucans.
 We found a little mixed flock, honestly one of the best mixed flocks we got onto, heralded by a couple Plain Xenops again.
Amongst the Chestnut-sideds there were a couple Slaty- and likely a couple Checker-throated Antwrens, a Streak-crowned Woodcreeper and best of all a Brown-billed Scythebill that was too dug in even for a record pic.

With that we headed back to San Jose after lunch.
Vernon stopped for a Jacana on the way back

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