Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The shorebirds of Tiscornia

I was back on Tiscornia early this morning and stayed a few hours. No big ticket items, but a group of shorebirds accumulated along a vegetation scum line (which was swept off the beach by one of the city tractors in pretty short order).

The Black-bellied came to me today.
As did an adult Baird's. I'm not sure I've encountered an adult at Tiscornia before.
You can compare its scapulars and wing coverts with a juvenile...
... which can again be compared with a juvenile Semi Sandpiper

The semi-palmations can also be seen on this juvie Semi Plover as well.

I can't really title the post Shorebirds of Tiscornia without include a Sanderling, the prototypical beach sandpiper, here an adult, also moulting to winter plumage.

The Baird's, as is their wont, stood off from the other birds somewhat, so I couldn't better my personal beach record of 4 shorebirds in one frame; this shot has from left to right a SEPL, SAND, BBPL, SESA, and another SAND...
And despite 3 visits to Tiscornia yesterday (few hours in the morning, brief check after getting a tooth drilled, and a family visit in the evening), apparently I missed a Whimbrel's brief stop on Klock. Ah well, what can you do (except keep going back).

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