Saturday, March 14, 2020

the Birds and the Bee(tle)s

We nearly had possibly the highlight of the trip when a herd of trumpeters went galloping past on our way back from the long walk through the forest.  Trumpeters are a cross between a kiwi and a crane, colored like a black-throated blue warbler that mixes in some cream highlights, and bolt through the forest garrulously yelping.  I don't know how we couldn't see one, it sounded like there were a hundred of them and close, too, but they Just. Kept. Going.  Another bird for the Maybe Next Time file.

We got back for lunch and I walked the grounds, getting a much better look at Green-backed Trogon.

The heat of the day was very much up and I didn't find much as I re-walked some of the same trail we did as a group had done the previous morning.  A couple of humping beetles was about the extent to what I saw.

I bailed on the forest and returned to the grounds.  A White-throated Toucan presumably on its way to a nest teed up holding a wild avocado.  I think this is the largest toucan I've ever seen.

The last bird was another that was uncommon enough (and easy enough to look up) that I didn't learn the name prior.
It's a Moriche (previously known as Epaulet) Oriole, the only oriole I saw the entire trip

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