Sunday, November 4, 2018


Well this was a crazy bird.  I'm not sure where this bird breeds in Eurasia or where it winters, but it's definitely something I don't expect to see outside of Newfoundland blogs.  So I was pretty happy that Adam and Scott re-found this bird in Washtenaw after rumors of a bird surfaced the day before (C'mon Washtenaw!  You couldn't have beaten Lansing to this bird???).

 We were there at daybreak (along with 50 of our closest friends).  The bird was too.
The orange legs (and to a lesser extent orange base of the lower mandible) really stuck out.

It tended to forage with its neck extended and held straight.

It was pretty successful at extracting some pretty good sized prey items from beneath the water's surface and spent a decent amount of time resting (and digesting?).

The bird in flight had a pretty impressive white stripe extending dowitcher-like up its back.

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