Sunday, May 27, 2012

What warblers there were

As well as I did with sparrows this spring I did probably as badly with warblers.  We had far fewer passerine migrants at Tiscornia than last year and I didn't really run into may low birds either at Floral or at my house.  In fact I never saw a Golden-winged or a Black-throated Blue though I did hear one of each.

Blackburnian Warbler was probably the only one which I saw (and especially heard) in above average numbers this spring.  This one is from Riverview Park

There was also a female Blackpoll in the same tree.

It feels like there's more Hooded Warblers on territory at Floral this year than last, though that may just be my memory
Finally a Prairie Warbler from the loop at Floral, the first one I've encountered away from the dunes there
And that, from a warbler standpoint, was it.

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