Thursday, April 12, 2012

nesting before the storm

It feels like I've been royally neglecting the blog; the northerly flow of wind on most of my birding days has led to some quiet mornings at Tiscornia. The flood of passerines hasn't even begun, but some of our locals are already nesting. This Carolina Wren in my yard made repeated trips to their nest in one of our eaves. They've tried nesting there before and have been flooded out, we'll see how they make out this year. I think the female is on eggs as I heard no babies when the male would return with prey items (here a moth with the wings beaten off).

The beach has been so quiet I was reduced to taking grackle photos the other day. I told myself I was just building up file photos for when the "tailed" grackle appears; I don't know if I believed myself.

Here's a White Trout Lily, I don't find them very often on this side of the state.
Finally, we all know what a 4 leaved clover brings, we'll see what 4 leaved Trillium will bring with SE winds (at last) forecast for the morning...

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