Saturday, April 14, 2012

What the 4 leaved trillium brought.

Tiscornia yesterday turned out to be a dud and I checked Riverview park across from Hannah's pre-school while waiting to pick her up. Imagine my surprise then when I put bins on a bird that I expected to be a mourning dove that turned out to be an Upland Sandpiper. This was, along with essentially extirpated Ruffed Grouse, one of my 2 biggest nemesis birds for the county.
They're somewhat oddly proportioned, the neck seems grotesquely thin at times.
The bird made frequent checks of the sky for prairie falcons or who knows what. It seemed to be implying that I don't check the sky enough for hawks.
Here's the only series where you can see the orange tail somewhat.
The tail was also noticeably long in the profile view. It called once while sitting atop one of the parking logs.
Of course seeing this bird yesterday meant that I couldn't get out this morning which meant I missed another 3 birds at Tiscornia (10 so far in the last month or so) that would have been equally good (or better) additions to a year list.

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