Saturday, December 3, 2011

A touch of color

I was so surprised to see a kestrel in nice light the other day that I completely blew a great chance at a decent shot. I still had the camera on heavy overcast settings and even with a lot of post-processing the pic's still not great.
At least it's not a shot of a Snowy garbage bag or a Snowy 5 gallon bucket or a Snowy random-flag-in-a-field like I thought about leading with. The Snowy Owl irruption hasn't hit Berrien despite some intense looking by a number of people.
The all white birds at Tiscornia so far have been Glaucous gulls.
Here's a first cycle bird.
This bird is 2nd (or probably more likely) 3rd cycle given the ring-bill, and some retained cloudy coloring on the underparts:
Finally an adult, which wasn't very interested in the bread we tossed at the flock trying to chum it in.
A black scoter has been hanging out close to the piers at times as well, hopefully I can catch it in nicer light somewhere along the way.

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