Monday, June 8, 2020

Seek and ye shall find ...

something.  Maybe not what you were looking for, but definitely something.

According to eBird I've walked close to 8 miles in Chikaming this month as a few people have reported Black-billed Cuckoo there.  I've only heard Yellow-billed to date, but did see a beaver out of the water for the first time ever.

A doe posed nicely.  I think I saw a fawn duck down just as I came around the corner and the doe only moved 20 feet away so I snapped 2 pics and kept walking.

I was also keeping my ears open for Blue Grosbeak (stop me when you sense the theme to this summer's birding), but chestnut-sided, prothon, and blue-winged warblers were the most interesting breeders.  One of the resident Barred Owls swooped up on one of my loops.

Finally a pic of a Giant Swallowtail from today in Warren Dunes...

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