Friday, April 17, 2020

On to Sani

After 3 or 4 days at Shiripuno we moved one river north and arrived at Sani Lodge.  After working our way down the Napo our guides canoed us down backwater channels that I don't think actually connected to the river.

And there were birds, Great Potoo (again!), and a little flock we couldn't really catch up to, though an Olivaceous Woodcreeper bailed out somewhat dramatically.

 Lineated Woodpecker put on a show

Jason recognized the call of an Orange-crowned Manakin.  I cautioned the group that it wouldn't look like a manakin ... and then still didn't believe when the bird popped out that it was one until it flashed the crown a couple times.

Shortly after this pic was taken Guillermo (paddling in the front of the kayak in the top pic) attempted to re-position the canoe while standing ... and tipped himself right out of the boat!  The other guides and lodge personnel were giving him grief for the rest of the trip.

These White-winged Swallows paid no attention though.

This was another place where I should have taken more scenery pics...

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