Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lark Bunting and more

Rick Brigham located a Lark Bunting in some of the Allegan SGA grasslands.  It was a while before a hole opened in my schedule to allow a person to go, but the bird was still there this morning.  It didn't give good views, but would pop up for a second or so in song flight giving a song vaguely on a bobolink's pitch but without the complicated burbling.  It may have been doing some buzzy trill intro stuff but was a little too far to say for sure.  I only managed one sharp heavily cropped pic of my first statebird of the year.

Dickcissels were a lot more common, and some were quite close to the road.

I spent some time digi-scoping this bird.

Grasshopper sparrows were also much more common in some of the fields than they are in Berrien.  I could have digi-scoped this one but left the scope in the car as we walked some of the fields.

It's not super close, but you can't argue with the prairie background.

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