Tuesday, November 25, 2014

pics not worth an eider

I'm in a long stretch right now where I go to work every single day for one reason or another.  This morning was a 7am meeting in St Joe, then an 8:30am meeting in Berrien Springs.  I drove back and forth in the freezing rain eventually getting home late morning to find that the ice had brought down a large pine branch across the driveway.  Siskins were chattering away while I sawed it to clear the pavement and when I finished I sat down in front of the backyard feeder to see if they'd come in.  A few did.

They're fairly pugnacious, more than holding their own against the bulkier House Finches.

I think we can all imagine the translation between that exchange.  Less competition on the ground.

Of course if I had gone to Tiscornia instead, here's an artist's rendition of what I might have seen:
Here's hoping it comes back...

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