Friday, October 3, 2014

Lakewatching is fun again

just probably not today.

It's that time of year, most of the days I've been out over the last month I've had a year bird.  Of course part of that is that I've gotten out less this year than just about any year since I've lived here.

Two Franklin's Gulls landed on Silver last week.

All of these first 3 pics are of the first year bird (the pic below is a montage of the same bird).

This is a montage of the adult
The adult has some white between the black wingtips and the dark gray upperwing. 

This is a full adult Parasitic Jaeger from a couple days ago, the first jaeger I've seen in Michigan with full tail extensions.

The tail extensions doubled the length of the tail.  Long-tailed would have a smaller bill, less of a breast band and would lack an underwing white flash if fully adult.

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