Friday, October 17, 2014

Another week, another Harris's Sparrow

It was Rhoda's turn to step onto the Harris's cycle, spotting this bird at the cul-de-sac at Warren Dunes.  It's another first fall bird, possibly a female given that it's less patterned than last week's Harris's.
The first pic was badly over-exposed since I had my camera on Winter-Wren-in-the-Underbrush settings.  It was rescue-able as a record shot with a little more post-processing than I'd like.  By the time I frantically thumb-wheeled down the F-stop it had gotten semi-obstructed by some leaves...

 Here's the Winter Wren from seconds before...

By the time I'd managed to hand-focus on the bird in the thick underbrush it also leaned its head behind some obstructing vegetation.  It's still the closest I've come to a Winter Wren portrait.

White-throated Sparrows were the dominant species though.

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