Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just a little late

Last week one of the times I checked the beach after work there were 2 sanderlings heading south in full red-necked stint style breeding plumage. I've been hoping to get a photo of a real bright one, but it looks like I'll probably be a little late this year. About midday today there was one that still retained some of the breeding plumage, but it was already losing color in the face.
Interestingly, like the Willet last week, this bird's wing coverts are heavily worn and abraded basic feathers from last winter; the scapulars appear to be breeding feathers, I don't see any gray ones peeking through yet.

The gulls today were pretty easy,
Just this hulking Greater Black-backed in with the usual motley crew.

Tomorrow may have the only hint of N out the wind that we could see in a week, we'll see if any hints of movement are in evidence.

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