Thursday, April 15, 2010

Really, it's springtime

You would think that the warmer temperatures, second round of wildflowers, and longer days would have me feeling the spring, but it's really crept up on me this year. I keep thinking it's still March for some reason and the birds are surprising me (maybe that has to do with disappearing inside to work while lots of people were out of town for spring break and completing practically 2/3's of my shifts for the month already).

Pine warblers can be bugaboo birds for the year lister around here.
I found this one by listening for Chipping Sparrows singing from the pines. I walked over to the song, and found the warbler looking around in the next tree. The singer? It was a chipping sparrow (maybe the birds can't tell them apart either).

This Vesper Sparrow was a new Tiscornia bird for me the other day, and hopped up nicely, very unlike the pipit last fall which was in the same spot (I know, I know, let it go already ... I can't.)

Finally, a bird that's part of the vanguard for high spring, White-throated Sparrow.
Their numbers seem to peak as the warblers really start coming it, I'm definitely looking forward to that...

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