Thursday, July 4, 2019

more buglite bliss

Bliss might be too strong a word, but there were a lot of cool birds.

The biglite area remained DARK.  It was probably an hour before the sun rose, but as it did clouds thickened, humidity turned to sprinkles and sprinkles into rain.  We perservered, and the rain started to fade away and some more birds worked their way in.

This is Ornate Flycatcher, a bird we saw a few times last year.

I hadn't even learned this next one's name however.
 It turned out to be Peruvian Warbling Antbird; the name is longer than the bird.

Plain Antvireo looked a little different than the Central American forms but I'm not sure I could say why

White-breasted Wood-wren was pretty identical to its Central American cousins though.

Finally a White-chested Puffbird, a bird whose posture can give lie to its name.

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