Tuesday, July 9, 2019


I've listened for this bird (and occasionally trolled with tapes) A LOT in Berrien County.  Last spring in Texas I listened (and looked) at them.  There were a lot of birds on that trip that were easy to find if you're where the bird is supposed to be (scissor-tailed fly, Bell's, chat, Blue Grosbeak, etc) and it was re-assuring that the sounds popped out.  And pop out it did here in Berrien.  The song was soft initially but eventually the bird came into view, heavier billed than a Warbling, yellower below, and  wing barred.  It was satifying.  The pics are so-so, the bird isn't along a trail.  The territory is on golf course property in an area not really open to the public so a person can't get that close.  Fortunately it's right next to the RAC parking lot so is audible and at times distantly visible.

The pics are cropped pretty heavily.  I think this is just the 2nd county record since 2000 in eBird, and Berrien has more records historically than anywhere else in Michigan, though the MBRC searchable database is down; I'm not sure how many official records there are.

In other news, I may have one last (female) slot open for next February's trip to Ecaudor. If you're interested in seeing hoatzins, antbirds, and parrot/macaw clay licks in a small group of 8 people let me know if I can send you the full details!  (matthysell@comcast.net)

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