Sunday, May 5, 2019

go to the marsh

When there's no warblers in the woods (we'll see if some south winds change that on Monday) the marshes have been a lot more interesting. 

And maybe there'll be warblers in the marsh!
Though Yellow doesn't really count since they're resident in the summer.

Coots aren't actually that common in the summer (or on Birdathon) so we'll see if this nest lasts the weekend (I have vague hopes for Birdathon, but if the nest is easy for me to see you'd think an opportunistic crow or mink would thing the same thing).

There've been a lot of rails visible with all the flooding, but I haven't really worked that hard for Sora or Virginia pics.  This moorhen flushed as I walked a golf course boardwalk though.

Muskrats are pretty much everywhere.

Bitterns on the other hand aren't.  We heard this one quietly oomping in the marsh, though it didn't get into the oomp-a-loonk that they'll do farther north.  It flushed and I took a few shots while frantically spinning up the ISO dial with the sun still well below the horizon.

It started coming up after a bit.

Will tomorrow's sunrise bring migrants at last?  Stay tuned...

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