Tuesday, June 13, 2017

the Orchard Oriole capital of Michigan

On the way back from the UP a Kiskadee was reported at Tawas Point SP.  I couldn't help but stop.  Sadly no kiskadee had been seen since the morning, however, there were a good number of Orchard Orioles.
 Growing up in Midland I tried to go to Tawas Point every spring once I could drive.  It rarely failed to produce Orchards and this afternoon the small orioles dominated the migrants.  Unfortunately the adult males were a little quicker than I was on this afternoon so no picture of them.

A pair of Brown Thashers were more cooperative.

The next morning I stopped in Isabella county for my Michigan lifer Loggerhead Shrike.

From there it was only an hour detour to the Shiawassee auto loop.  Black Terns were quite common.

A kingbird didn't mind the car as a blind, likely my best ever pic of one.

Finally a Yellow-headed Blackbird, one of my main targets for the location.  I was close to the end of the loop and was starting to think I'd missed them.  This one sang and then proceeded to hop into view.

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