Sunday, February 12, 2017

Panama II !!!

Well the long blogging hiatus is over.  Our group returned from Eastern Panama yesterday.  It was a great trip.  The combination of some really good birds and the best guide I've ever met (Domi Alveo) created the best experience that many of our group had ever had in the neotropics.

I'm early in the process of organizing photos and figuring out the narrative for the blog (I know I know, when has it ever had a narrative in the past?).  But there will be birds.  Lots of birds.  Camoflaged birds like a Common Potoo that materialized at our very first stop.

Striking birds like Banaquits.

Hummingbirds like this adult Black-throated Mango.

 A smattering of butterflies like this (presumed) cracker?

And viewings of the biggest baddest bird in the American Neotropics?  Yes.  Yes there will be.

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