Saturday, April 30, 2016

So close

So close to that peak of migration.  There's birds around, birds everywhere, shots at vagrants and rarities ... but haven't quite connected yet.  There's been a few photo opportunities though.

We're still in that period where Yellow-rumps dominate the warbler scene.

This Swamp Sparrow was one of a few working the boardwalk while searching for Kentuckies.
 While photographing the Swampy, this Northern Waterthrush popped up, quite interested in the sound of the shutter.
 I once had a Scarlet Tanager fly in to a shutter click many years ago.

If it's late April then that means Smith's Longspur searches (which actually haven't been limited to late April)
 We're not the only ones who have been looking, this Harrier was working the same areas that have been scanned and scanned and scanned again.

I found my first White-eyed Vireo for my river bottom.
I heard the bird yesterday afternoon but it quieted quickly.  I went back down this morning and re-found it singing fairly actively.

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