Thursday, April 14, 2016

Return to spring

The pipedream retirement plan for years away is to spend the winter in the tropics and return about now for spring migration.  The blog's following the plan at least (though maybe I did more than I'm currently admitting...).

Sapsuckers are one of the prototypical April migrants.

This one actually backed down the tree, a behavior I don't think I've seen before.

Brown Creeper is surely another of the annual signs of spring 

I don't really think of mid-April as shorebird time, but there were 3 Golden-plovers with a Dunlin on Buffalo Rd

Not sure on the (admittedly often subtle) difference in bill size and upperpart color between Golden and Black-bellied Plover?  Just wait for one to fly...
Black-bellied would have black armpits in any plumage.  This birds' are obviously white (also the next bird's...)

I guess if you can't have pure white plumage you don't mind taking a dirt bath the way this hen turkey is.

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