Sunday, October 21, 2012


October is Peregrine month at Tiscornia.  There tend to be a lot of young birds about moving up and down the beach.

This one had one of the fuller crops, the photo only somewhat does it justice.
If it was a better pic it could have led off the post with a caption contest.  The most obvious one would be "Is that a white-throated sparrow in your crop or are you just hapy to see me?"

There've been a few rarities this month, but none on days I've had off.  I ran into this creeper when checking various places a Brant might hide (in this case right next to the river channel).

Here's what Brown looks like when you don't see a Mottled Duck
And yes thank you, I am aware that if looking for a duck you should probably not be looking at the trees.

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