Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waiting for Isaac

I missed a Long-tailed Jaeger by 10 or 20 minutes this morning at Tiscornia, but I'd hate to use up all my luck a week before the aftermath of a hurricane gets here.
Depending on this young turnstone's flight path s/he may need that bit of that luck as well.
There were 2 juveniles working the pier today for the midges.  I took one photo of a midge's last millisecond just before it disappeared down the turnstone's bill, but it was kind of blurry.

Sometimes they needed a few balance checks while walking on the 3/8 inch balance beam of eroded steel that probably cost them a few tenths on the judges' scorecards.
Their wingstripe is somewhat intermediate between a Sanderling's and a Baird's, not that I would know anything about that.

I tried to get the two in pefect symmetry at one point but they wouldn't quite oblige

After a while the noon pier walkers pushed them right past my chair, inside the 1.5 meter focal distance
They're not quite as bright as the adult turnstones a week or so ago.

The two other photographed birds of note were this sora (which drifted out in the river and was eventually nabbed by a Herring Gull)
and one of ultimately 3 avocets that moved between the beaches

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