Monday, August 20, 2012

Peep show

Peeps continue to trickle through along the beach.  Baird's Sandpipers have arrived on schedule (though last year I saw only one the entire fall).  I've seen Baird's about a third of the time on about 30 visits to Tiscornia in the 2nd half of August over the years.
While buffy juvenile Semipalmated's do exist, they don't approach the overall buffiness of the entire head and breast of a fresh juvenile Baird's.  The scaliness and long primary projection also help the ID.
Here's another semi for comparison:
It has a shorter bill, primaries that stop at the end of the tail and less overall scaliness.

There was an adult Semi, I think the first one I've seen recently.
It's still in mostly worn breeding plumage with old wing coverts and a lot of worn scapulars, though there're a few gray winter scapulars starting to fill in.

An adult Semi Plover was in similar condition,
a lot of worn wing coverts, but brighter legs and bill base than the fresh juvenile...

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