Monday, July 23, 2012

The Coverbug

I'd wondered vaguely at times which dragonfly is on the cover of the book.  I'd been seeing an orange dragonfly at the Harbor Shores marsh that I was thinking was a young meadowhawk of some large species before I saw a couple tandemed up and ovipositing.  It took 2 trips to get a decent shot of what turns out to be Wandering Glider, the cover model for the Paulson book.
I've hit one with a net but have had no luck at collecting one.

Last week I netted another clubtail, this one is a female Cobra Clubtail.
Here's a closer look at it (as held by Hazel):
Since there's already a specimen record for this one I let it go, we set it down on the trumpet vine (which I'm sure no self-respecting Cobra Club would ever sit on, but I'm sure it'd prefer that to an acetone bath):

Powdered Dancer is very common at water's edge, the males dangle upward in the air while the females oviposit.  A lot of the damselflies do this, but this species seems to adopt this posture very commonly.

I'd like to say I have some prospect of a decent bird post on the horizon, but who knows, maybe low expectations will actually be helpful.

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