Monday, January 23, 2012

Falling behind

I haven't had a chance to get many decent pics of late between weather, work, and a mal-functioning computer monitor that adds red speckles to all the black and teal streaks through all the white. I'm definitely guessing at the post-processing tweaks of the images.

Here's the Hoodie, still hanging out with the New Buffalo yuck ducks.
This Black Scoter flew by the pier earlier in the month.
This possibly injured Lesser Scaup got me the closest to getting a good shot of the wing stretching exercises they do.
Last week I found 2 Trumpeter Swans on Paw Paw Lake during the snow. Normally they hit Paw Paw in December but the delayed ice-up pushed that off to January.
They didn't impress the coot though, another member of the NB yuck duck club.
I've got more pics of the immature Glaucous x Great Blackback that eventually I'll probably get up, but just didn't feel like a technical post.

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