Monday, October 24, 2011

Raptors of Tiscornia

October brings falcons to Tiscornia. Some years first year Peregrines will hang out for a bit, others they pass through. This year they haven't been all that regular, but one cut past the gulls, circled and then came right over the overlook dune as it came in for another pass. Hard to tell how serious it was as it already has a full crop.
The gulls gave it the same respect they would give a jaeger, all taking off, though they settled down into the water once they'd proved they could fly, rather than balling up high in the air for full jaeger defense mode.
Merlins, on the other hand, have been hanging out, with a bird or two seen on nearly every trip. When they cut over the beach after a passerine struggling in off the lake the leading edge of the gull flock lifts off, but just as quickly settle down when they realize it's just a merlin.
A redtail landed on a gazebo roof to consume some small mammalian prey. It didn't take long adn I couldn't quite tell what it had snatched.
Finally a fungi I'd never seen before, something called an Elegant Stinkhorn apparently, growing beside my mailbox.

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