Thursday, September 1, 2011

right and wrong terns

I don't think I have any group of pics that I've labeled and re-labeled than medium sized terns. I went back to the beach with the family again yesterday. There were 2 avocets and a turnstone in addition to the more usual stuff, but terns are starting to accumulate.

This Common Tern allowed a close approach and is still in pretty full breeding plumage though the bare parts colors are starting to fade.
This next one is well into the moult, with a white forehead and some darker gray in the carpal bar area. It obviously has lost a lot of color from the bill.

Finally a juvenile Forster's Tern; they're easy with the big black cheek patch. He's kind of overexposed, the Commons are easier to photograph with their grayer breasts.
There is still some dark in the wings of the juvie Forster's at least.

Finally, a Black-bellied Plover that did a fly-by as well.

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