Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black-throated Green Sparrow?

The weather is finally turning, yesterday's birding was essentially rained out so I did some of the office work I had hanging over my head. Today was overcast with a few sprinkles here and there and I could finally spend a full day outside.

This BT Green warbler was a first on a couple fronts. I think it's probably the first time I've seen one forage on the ground (though with the trees barely even budding perhaps the may-apples are the closest thing it could find to canopy). I know it's the first time I've ever had my first of the year BT Green as a seen-only bird; usually the zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee floats down from the treetops first.
White-throated sparrows, on the other hand, are abundantly seen in the undergrowth.

I've always had trouble with processing my ruby-crowned photos, they always seem oversharpened. Maybe I just need a better image to start with.

Off course it's spring, so more flower pics, I think my best ever of Wild Ginger:

Marsh Marigolds are peaking at Floral too.

I tried getting some reflection shots, this one would have been better had it not included the two blossoms in the entire swamp that are past their prime:

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